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Are you dreaming of the vacation tailor-made for you? Do you want your vacation to be tailor-made for you? Customize your tour!

Are you a lover of the hardest trails or do you prefer lighter trails to share with friends? Do you want to give your children an unforgettable experience to discover the mountains that they would never see by car? Or do you want to finally give yourself some time to dedicate only to yourself, away from everything and everyone?

What we all need is to return to breathe, to live, to choose to do what we love most to do. The mountain with its ever-changing landscapes, its lights, its scents and above all its infinite spaces is today more than ever a symbol of that freedom of which our everyday life is increasingly stingy. That's why "Create your own tour" is the perfect option for you.

You will be the one to choose which routes to take: just tell us what inspires you most, what is the challenge you want to face, the limit to overcome: and we will create your excursion together!


Your vacation must be like the Dolomites: unforgettable!

We want the days you spend with us to be one of those experiences you will never forget. And to make your vacation as serene as possible, we will take care of everything, according to the needs that you have indicated:
We will book for you the best accommodations where to stay overnight, with your personal belongings always at hand thanks to the luggage transfer service.
We will reserve you a table in the most typical restaurants, to taste the traditional dishes of the Feltre valley with its excellence and its products at km 0.
We will accompany you during your excursions to ensure maximum safety and allow you to fully enjoy the fabulous landscape that you will cross. Our professional guides are all members of the National Association of Mountain Bike Guides: you'll always be in a tight spot!
And we will give you if you want, some technical advice to improve or refine your riding on dirt roads or trails.


Why choose the custom tour?

Hands fixed on the handlebars, the wheels that make their way on the dirt paths between climbs and descents, the crisp air that gets into your lungs and views always different to admire ...
Visiting the Feltrino area by bike is an adventure to be experienced. From mountain bike trails to discover the Feltre Dolomites to gravel tours along the valley of Belluno: hundreds of kilometres to cover and many excursions to choose from suitable for bikers of all levels!

To you who want to discover the world on your mountain bike, Feltre bike tour offers not only unmissable bike tours but also guides, rentals, repair shops, bike hotels and many special offers. If you love mountain biking this is your big chance!


Now you just have to create your tour!

All you have to do is fill out the form on the side of this page and then we will contact you to create your custom tour together!

1. Enter your contact information. First and last name, full address, email and cell phone.
2. Fill in the specific tour information. The number of adult and child participants, first day, last day, lunch and dinner.
3. And if you want to rent an e-bike, choose the model that's right for you. Ebike front, Ebike full, e-bike child, City bike.