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Tips for safe rides!

To face mountain bike excursions safely, keeping the danger level as low as possible, you need several factors.
Feltre bike tour recommends to a hiker who goes out on trails to always have a backpack, which first protects your back in case of falls and secondly allows you to have the material for every need..

In a backpack should never be missing:

  • plasters and an elastic bandage, an antihistamine (bentelan) against insect bites;
  • emergency energy bars;
  • electrical ties of various sizes;
  • spare inner tube and pump, a few wrenches for small repairs;
  • multipurpose knife and a lighter can be used to signal with smoke (wet or green leaves) and facilitate the identification by the rescuers;
  • cape for the descents and rain;
  • whistle, it allows you to be tracked and signal your location to your companions;
  • cell phone, do not think you are safer, there is not always a signal in the mountains.


In addition, the guides of the Feltre bike tour before each outing will make a visual inspection of the most important parts of your bike, to avoid breakage or loss of time during the excursion. Finally, a good position in the saddle, helmet, glasses, and gloves are an integral part of a mountain bike outing.

These little rules or better advice together with prudence and responsibility will make your excursion a positive experience to be repeated.

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