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The Diocesan Museum of Feltre

Museo Diocesano Museo Diocesano

The Diocesan Museum of Feltre has the function of protecting and enhancing the sacred art of the ancient dioceses of Feltre and Belluno. And it does so in an ambitious and precise way.

Home of the museum is the thirteenth-century bishop's palace of the city, restored to its former glory after a restoration that lasted about 20 years and ended in 2018. In the heart of the historic centre, the building, with its noble and austere facade, hides inside treasures of inestimable value such as the Chalice of Deacon Orso dating back to the sixth century, a post-Byzantine Cross dated 1542, a Madonna in alabaster of the fifteenth century.

In addition to a large collection of wooden sculptures, goldsmiths and weavers, visitors can admire authentic masterpieces by Jacopo Tintoretto, Sebastiano Ricci, Andrea Brustolon, Francesco Terilli, Luca Giordano, Federico Bencovich, Gaspare Diziani, Domenico Corvi, Nicola Grassi.

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